Mazin Sami received his degree from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, Iraq, He then went on to further his studies in Madrid, Spain at La Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes.

While studying in Madrid, Sami was greatly influenced by the Spanish artists Antoni Tàpies, Manolo Millares and Antonio Saura, whom formed the basis of his interest in abstract art. After completing his art studies in Madrid, Sami continued to live in Spain for a number of years and became a master etcher. In the eighties, he moved to Los Angeles and there began concentrating on abstract painting and drawing.

The primary focus of Sami's paintings is the utilization of color and light. Sami creates works that are atmospheric. Often considered deep, dark and brooding, nuances of light can always be found penetrating the dark compositions. The richness of his glazes and layering techniques uncover a quality of light born from the tradition of classical European painting.

While Sami continues to create paintings and drawings, within recent years he has devoted his attention to photography. By combining his background in painting and printmaking, Sami has created a body of photographic works that explore color and light in the same bold fashion reminiscent of his paintings.

Sami has exhibited his artwork in Madrid, London, Baghdad and Los Angeles, in both solo and group exhibitions and has been published numerously.